Hn. (I'll try to do my best to give the most accurate answer as if it was given by Lord Sesshomaru ;) ( Find OP at geromyswaifu or iamthewindwakeritsme @Tubmlr )


Ship Day




InuYasha and the Gang askblog

Anonymous: Was your mom always such a bitch? How was it like growing up living under her roof?


sunako: Sesshomaru-sama would you rather be a man with a woman's face or a woman with a male's face? Wait . . . You already have a woman's face and I assume you're male. Never mind.



Thanks to all the new followers and to those who are still wondering if I’m still alive. I guess I owe everyone an explanation. I’ve been (fortunately) very busy this semester, I recently got a job at the University, and I’m also taking my classes. I’ve been comissioned to work on freelance projects too, so I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve been trying to answer many of your questions guys, but I haven’t been feeling very inspired. I also was unable to use my tablet for a couple of months but now I can. 

I don’t promise to do something because I always do and at the end I never do what I said I was going to do, but I’ll make an effort because working for this askblog is fun and I know you guys have a lot of fun too. 

Hope everyone’s great! Don’t expect much from me!! I will say one thing that can be taken as a promise: this blog is not dead. 

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I’m finally free. Expect some posts tonight.

Thanks for sticking up with me.

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hellakittie: I miss you, I wish you´d come back.. :,(

I will, I will! I’m just very busy with school, I haven’t gotten any time to do this but I promise, this will happen. 

Just to prove that I will, here, have this. 

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Anonymous: i kidnapped rin ~ kohaku

sesshoumaru--sama: omg, my clone O:


Hey everyone. Sorry, sorry. I’ve been really busy with college. Doing projects and drawing all the time. Also, I’ve been focusing of photography lately, buying stuff, and many things that are fun but are also stressful. So, I plan to update soon, and I want you to send some questions if you want. Again, I do want to apologize, I know some people expect this blog to be updated, and to be honest, I do hope that too, but because of time, and also because most of the time I’m already tired, this is the last thing in my mind.

Thanks to the new followers! And thanks to all of you who are still sticking around. I promise you’ll have your updates soon. 

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