Hn. (I'll try to do my best to give the most accurate answer as if it was given by Lord Sesshomaru ;) ( Find OP at geromyswaifu or iamthewindwakeritsme @Tubmlr )


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Anonymous: You are back, yay! You have been missed.

Thanks!!! I missed you all too. Hopefully I will upload more answers, just bear with me! ^^

((Sesshomaru refused to answer this so Rin did it instead))

((Sorry that I’ve neglected this askblog. Just posting to see if anyone is out there, waiting for a comeback, if not, well… I don’t know, I might be answering some old questions I still have left in my ask but if I receive new ones then I’ll give priority to those. Again, sorry I was abscent!))

Anonymous: Was your mom always such a bitch? How was it like growing up living under her roof?


sunako: Sesshomaru-sama would you rather be a man with a woman's face or a woman with a male's face? Wait . . . You already have a woman's face and I assume you're male. Never mind.



Thanks to all the new followers and to those who are still wondering if I’m still alive. I guess I owe everyone an explanation. I’ve been (fortunately) very busy this semester, I recently got a job at the University, and I’m also taking my classes. I’ve been comissioned to work on freelance projects too, so I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve been trying to answer many of your questions guys, but I haven’t been feeling very inspired. I also was unable to use my tablet for a couple of months but now I can. 

I don’t promise to do something because I always do and at the end I never do what I said I was going to do, but I’ll make an effort because working for this askblog is fun and I know you guys have a lot of fun too. 

Hope everyone’s great! Don’t expect much from me!! I will say one thing that can be taken as a promise: this blog is not dead. 

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I’m finally free. Expect some posts tonight.

Thanks for sticking up with me.

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hellakittie: I miss you, I wish you´d come back.. :,(

I will, I will! I’m just very busy with school, I haven’t gotten any time to do this but I promise, this will happen. 

Just to prove that I will, here, have this. 

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